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Welcome friends ...

Lifestyle, what a wonderfully spacious word that voices who we are and how we live.

For many lifestyle will embrace home while for others it means food, and still for others, it surrounds lovely outdoor spaces. But what if we really stop and think about it ... Doesn't lifestyle express all of the above while gently yet vigorously folding in family and friends until all pieces come together as one? I would have to say a resounding YES! To me, this is what lifestyle is really all about!

I invite you to join me as together we will traverse and learn the style of our individually corporate, blissfully fabulous lifestyle and so much more.

I'm so glad we found each other!

A little about me ...


My name is Judith Lisac and I'm the author and creator of The Blissfully Fabulous Home. 

For years I have lived in a custom or semi-custom home and for the first time in a very long time, I find myself in a marvellous builder box ...

Now comes the exciting part!

With a blank canvas of builder grade finishes and fixtures and a yard with a few bushes and sad grass, I have the fabulous opportunity to create space that flows, one to another while truly communicating our lifestyle, thinking outside the builder box, and reflecting who we are and how we live.

We will fling creativity room by room, inside and outside, enjoy meals and gatherings all while celebrating life to its fullest!

Each week I will do something new, be it large or small, familiar or different; it might be a new meal for just the two of us or one to be shared with friends, a vegetable from my garden, paint color or wall treatment, a new piece of art, or ... who knows? The possibilities are endless!

Are you ready for this? I know I am, let's get started!

Navigating in Woods

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