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Inquiry Minds Want To Know ... How Do You Meal Prep?

Busy, busy, busy! Aren't we all busy these days? The kiddos (if you have them) have gone back to school and their extracurricular sports and other activities are in full swing, the weather is beginning to change (ah, yes, even in Houston), and the Holidays are before us!

I don't know about you, but with all of this busyness it can be overwhelming trying to put together a nutrient dense, quick and easy meal that most of the time is on the fly. If you're a breakfast lover like we are that morning meal often carries over to the dinner hour, I mean who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? But what about the time and creativity it takes to pull a meal together, especially on the fly? I know, I am with you, I too have stood in front of the open refrigerator and said to myself, what can I do with this? Ugh, there's nothing here to eat ... I think this is a universal cry.

Being super busy and constantly on the go, I had to figure things out and fast because we were either going to gain 500 pounds from all the fast food being consumed or we were going to starve to death, and quite frankly, neither was an option, especially for our health.

Want to know what I found essential in demystifying the guess work and eliminating the stress of enjoying meals prepared at home instead of the drive thru or DoorDash? Really, it's two fold ... having healthy ingredients on hand that are prepped and ready to go.

Did you get that ... 1. Healthy ingredients on hand, 2. that are prepped and ready to go

I know you're thinking, oh girl, that is way easier said than done, I have kids, my activities, their activities, laundry, homework, housework, church, PTA, 4H Club, baseball, football, soccer ... in addition to my full time job as mom, wife, partner, etc, I also have a job outside the home ... I know, it's a lot. So I sat down one day and put pencil to paper to sketch out a weeks menu, determined to go to the supermarket only once and that's where the light bulb came on!

Prep vegetables and have protein available that's easy to throw together, and what wasn't ready in my garden I could certainly find at the grocery! Ah! That was it!

For breakfast or lunch that is packed to go I had to think portable and if necessary, reheatable and just like that, the egg dish we call "Easy Eggs" was born! This dish is not only packed full of nutrients but is easy to put together, is tasty, and travels well!

On Sunday I will make two days worth of meals and on Tuesday evening make three more meals for the rest of the week and throw in different veggies. But really, it's all in having sliced, diced, cubed, and shredded veggies and protein in their own little containers ready to go so you can throw together a meal in no time. I will also bake extra bacon, grill extra chicken or turkey burgers and have them ready for protein to toss in. Seriously, pull whatever you have and create an easy one pan meal!

I think you're beginning to get the idea here.

Don't have time for the slicing or dicing, shredding or cubing? Let the supermarket do it for you! Most grocers have pre-prepped fruits, veggies, and protein available which will cut your prep time in half or more!

By cooking at home you not only create dishes you want that are quick and easy, but the money you save will blow your mind, not to mention you just may shed a pound or two, which in my case was a win/win/win!

Keep reading, I am going to show you how to make this delicious, one pan "Easy Egg" dish that literally takes 5 minutes for two days worth of meals with minimal clean up!

Ready? Here we go!

  1. Get your pan hot on the stovetop

  2. Once your pan is hot, throw in two pieces of bacon cut into short strips, and a handful of sliced mushrooms

  3. Next, toss in a scoop of cubed butternut squash or sweet potatoes and a diced and seeded Jalapeño

  4. Sautee over a medium heat until the veggies are semi soft and the moisture from the mushrooms and bacon have reduced

  5. Add a couple handfuls of fresh spinach and cover

  6. Cook for approx 45 seconds until the spinach is somewhat wilted

  7. Lift the cover and add your eggs then recover until the eggs are nearly done (you don't want to have them overdone once reheated). If taking on the go, slide your beautiful creation into a container. Let cool before replacing the lid and refrigerate, otherwise the dish will collect condensation and become soupy, and believe me, no one wants that.

So now you have the general idea, and once you start this process you will come up with ideas of your own which will be quick, easy, nutritious and delicious!

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From my fabulous home to yours, live blissfully!

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