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Love Thy Neighbor ... Or Contractor ...

When your contractor, who also happens to be your friend, a mama to 3 amazing girls, and Proverbs 31 wife tells you she wants cake, well then it's cake she gets!

Meet Bianca Deal, the owner of Houston Premier Renovation!

I had the blessing and privilege to meet Bianca and her amazing family 5 years ago when I sold their home in LaPorte, TX then helped them purchase their disaster, ahem, I mean the home filled with opportunity in Clear Lake.

Fast forward and this girl has created a booming business helping homeowners renovate/restore/glamorize/style elevate/ update/upgrade and love where they live. Because Bianca loves what she does, deeply cares for the families she serves, and has an amazing crew that shows up for her each and every day, she is blowing doors! I mean you should see this little chica on the job site, she's a boss!

I know, I know, it sounds like I am blogging about Bianca and Houston Premier Renovation, but really, what I am writing about is an extension of my beautiful and fabulous tribe. I recognize that individually I can only do so much, however, when I am surrounded by a tribe of amazing people we all become so much more, and for all involved the sky is the limit! Just ask our husbands!

You cannot put a price tag on friends who show up for you over and over again. Yeah, I am blessed!

I would love to hear how you and your tribe support, rally, and show up for one another! Drop it in the comments below👇🏻 and don't forget to subscribe and join the list, after all, we're one big online tribe!

From my fabulous home to yours, live blissfully

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